Secular Musicians Do Not Have Rest Of Mind -Terry G

Terry G who said secular musicians do not have peace of mind

As it is expected of every artiste to give their piece on issues that bothers on their forte, who they are, where they are coming from, Terry G compares gospel musicians to secular musicians.

This is following the words of a gospel singer on Ali Baba’s page who revealed how his life was/is being a gospel singer.

Terry who said gospel musicians have peace of mind than secular musicians

Speaking during a session on instragram live, the singer whose real name is Gabriel Oche Amanyi averred that gospel music do not give singers trouble as it gives peace of mind unlike secular music that demands more than music from artiste.

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According to him, Gospel singers do not have to worry about competition as naturally they get blessed by heaven, hence no need for the craze about views on YouTube and other streaming platforms that secular musicians craves.

Terry G who compares secular musician to gospel musicians

Really? Could this be true?

Well, moving on vehemently, the “Adura” crooner noted that gospel singers do not depend on rich men like secular singers to have cars, land and other luxury of life as they get blessed by God easily.

Oh wow!

Does it mean secular singers do not get blessed by God?

Terry G who Nigerians blast for saying secular musicians do not have rest of mind


Answering these and many more, Nigerians reacts.

See some of the reactions below:


Could it be true, Terry G is just trying to be relevant again with these words?

Terry G the former gospel musician turned secular musicians

Or he is saying all these because his has seen and tasted both sides of the divide?

Could he be telling facts about secular musicians?

What do you think about him, his words and works in relation to this?

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