How To Get A Music Collaboration With A Famous Artiste

How To Get A Music Collaboration With A Famous Artiste


In the world of today, where the rich keeps getting richer and the poor, poorer. So many artistes have been “up and coming” for the past 5 years and they’re yet to Collab with a famous artist( at least we believe that can make them popular). Unknowingly to these artistes, they tend to take the wrong steps and make the wrong approaches so many times.

Getting a Collab with a famous artiste is not an easy one, so in this piece, I’ll be outlining several methods up and coming artistes can employ when seeking to network and collaborate with other famous artistes in the industry, whether you’re simply seeking to get their attention or to build a long-term creative relationship.

1. Work your way into the circle.

This is the best possible way to get yourself into any clique or group of people you want to be involved with. You start on the outside of the circle and work your way in.

It’s the same way you would work your way into any crowd of people to get to the front, right? Yes!

To achieve this, you have to find one person in the circle who is accessible and also very close to the artiste. Connect with them, hangout with them and build a relationship with them, you see! You’re already on your way in.

You can get on social media and find the people a big artiste you want to link with is talking about. Then reach out to that person and offer them something you can do for them to provide value. If you can’t think of anything, think harder and somehow find a way to impress them and gain their trust.

A relationship built on value is worth more than money. Eventually you guys will start making money together and you are now inside of that team’s network.

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2. Find out a studio they usually work at and network with them there.

Most big artistes use this method in order to network with other big artistes.

If you have the money, any studio will gladly let you use a room within. It’s what they are there for and it’s how they stay in business.

All you need to do is find the studios that these big artistes work in, and rent out studio time at a time when you know they will be there, recording.

Check their tour schedule; ask the people who work there in a passive way etc.

You are bound to run into the artiste themselves or the artiste’s people in the hallway. If it is one of the artiste’s team member, you can go back to step one above and start providing value.

When you’re inside that studio, play your very best hit songs so loud they say who the f*** and wtf is playing in that next room. This can do 2 things;

1) Make them want to come over there and tell you to turn it down.

2) Make them come over there and say “What the hell was that? Play that again for me?”

The best bet is to play something that the artiset will LOVE or would want to collaborate on. Tell them “Just so happens I have an extra verse on this track I’d love you to lay something down.”

It’s all planned in advance of course by you. Be smart!

This works because other decently known rappers are already renting these studios to do the same exact thing I’m telling you. So even if you don’t meet the bigger artiste you are still meeting the mid level people and you can network with them.

3. Have Your Product Ready To Give Them At Any Moment

This applies to the above as well.

Your one shot could come at ANYTIME! Make sure you are ready.

Have a flash drive handy to give to anyone in the upper leagues. A Flash drive with your BEST SONGS with 1 open verse for them to hop on and all your contact information.

4. Write Songs For Artistes

Write as many songs as you can. If it is an amazing song but it isn’t a song for you, simply consider the artiste(s) who would love this song and could use it.

Now If you have something you can sell to an artiste, get a credit for, provide value and build a network with.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that a lot of big time artiste used to write songs for major artistes for YEARS before they actually got on in the game.

5. Pay For The Collab 

Did you read that? Yes PAY!

“…If you got the dough, they got the flow….” these are the words of a famous artiste.

A lot of artistes are out here for money or they are at least trying to milk the cash cow while the utters are in reach. If you hit up any artiste’s management team they will respond with a number for a collab..

If you have money and you are passionate and talented, they will most likely get on your songs. Depending on how talented you are, they might also promote it for you.

But this is the fastest way to get an artist on a song with you.

Always get ready to pay for a collab.

I truly hope this helped you in some way!

Chizaram Mbagwu

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