Here’s Why Nasty Blaq is Under Fire on Twitter

A very valid question to ask right now is “do these people run their ideas by anyone?”. Whoever Nasty Blaq showed this video to first, did him dirty. However, who do we really blame if not Nasty Blaq?

If you want to know why Twitter is at Nasty’s neck, here’s why…..

While the movement is still on calling some comedians to stop sexualizing women for comedy, Nasty Blaq took it to another level.

The video showed no sign of comedic relief, but rather promoted sexual assault and rape. This was way out of line.

Here are a few reactions from Twitter users:

This is not a joke and should stop. It is, however, a great relief that most people are frowning at it. What do you think about Nasty Blaq’s skit? Funny or Wrong?


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

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