Yemi Alade Debunk Rumours Of Celebrities Being Jobless This Quarantine

Yemi Alade/Twitter

Afrobeat singer Yemi Alade debunks the rumor that celebrities have been humbled this self isolation/quarantine period and are all jobless.

The ‘Johnny’ hit maker who is in some way thankful for the quarantine, as it’s made her realise that she hasn’t really been living in and enjoying the house she bought with her money. Took to social media to express her gratitude for the self isolation.

Even though it hurts that she can no longer perform on different world stages at the moment. She’s still grateful, as she’s making her house a home.

Twitter post from Yemi alade


A Twitter user who made this post from the songstress his business. Replied the post saying “quarantine and self isolation has humbled all our celebrities. Did you also realize that you are jobless?”

Twitter post from Yemi Alade and a Twitter user

As soon as the ‘woman of Steel’ saw this post from this Twitter user, she immediately took it upon herself to school the user.

Letting him know that herself and some others that are the ‘truly international’ artists, are steady getting paid thousands of foreign currency in royalties. Monthly and quarterly. Damn! That’s what I’m talking about baby. Soft work!

She also made it clear to him that he is the jobless one but she’s sorry that there’s no vacancy at her end. Eyah! View the tweet below.


From Yemi Alade’s response to the Twitter user, we can agree that there are levels to this ‘celeb life’.

Yemi Alade mama africa. Twitter

While some are crying that there’s no money yet the government is adding two weeks extra lockdown. The likes of Yemi and her fellow ‘truly international artists’ are cashing out in foreign currency. E be things my people.

We here at Afrobeats360 are sending love and light to everyone this period. Let’s be strong, for it will be over soon.

Don’t forget to regularly sanitize and wash your hands. Practice social distancing as best as you can, and feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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  1. Big levels.. In Naija royalties are fucked up but if your music cross borders, you’re forever rich.. So far you read what you were signing and made the right choice

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