“Do Not Compare Me With Anybody” – Rema Enraged

It’s surprising to know that there is still an artiste who are only interest in doing what they do without having to bring their fellow artiste into playing “second” when the matter of who is the best is discussed.

Recently, in what seem like a humble projection of pride amongst his fans, the fast-rising singer, Rema instructed his fans on how they should see him amongst other Afrobeat singers.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Afrobeat ninja sternly noted that nobody should compare him to any artiste as such comparism is plainly unnecessary.

Saying he does everything to win because of his fans, Rema subtlely appreciated his fans for their support by asserting that every of his wins in the industry are his fan’s win.

Responding to his critics, the “Dumebi” crooner urged them to see Afrobeat as a movement and that instead of always wanting to compare artistes, they should rather celebrate where Afrobeat is in the industry at present.

Rema called on his fans and critics to desist from the “who better pass” game so as not to bring anybody down as other artiste are his heroes.

See his words:


Should we have expected any less or more from Rema?

Could he have said he is the best in the Afrobeat movement in spite of his stride in the industry at present?

If he could be compared to anyone, who do you think that would be?

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

Mathias Bright is a serial professional with content creation as his core. He is a reporter with Bond FM and the founder of a media brokerage organization called, B&B MEDIA WORLD.

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