Brand New Music From Mavin’s Ladipoe

Mavin’s Ladipoe is out with a brand-new song titled “Knowing You” the rapper whose real name is Ladipo Eso teams up with Afrobeats queen Simi on this one.

About the song: It’s about a man and a woman with obvious mutual attraction, they both long for each other, but are hesitant to make an approach for fear that the other doesn’t feel the same.

All through the song, the male and female wishes for the other. Each dreaming and fantasizing about what being in a relationship will most likely be like. Simi is heard in the chorus singing these words:

I really want to tell you how my day went

Really want to spend the weekend

I for show you this feeling I’m feeling,

but I really don’t know you that well.

I really want to kiss you In the face baby

And maybe in every other place baby

E be like say I no remember,

That I don’t really know you that well.

This denotes not just the longing but also hesitation, not just the female but the male too. Ladipoe’s echoes this in his rap verse where he said he spotted something in her teeth, he feels like he should remove it, but he’s worried she’ll stop him because he doesn’t know her that well.

This song paints a picture of them desperately yearning for each other, one wanting the other with a desperate longing, but doesn’t dare to make a move. They both blame it on not knowing each other well-enough. So, they hold up what they feel for each other.

Ladipoe delivers his lines effortlessly in a sing-song like way, talking and singing all at the same time. Reminds one of Drake or perhaps Nelly from back in the day. With her sweet v, as usual,i as usual brings in the lover girl vibe, making sure the chemistry is at the highest, giving it a hundred as usual. I bet you won’t hear anyone saying there isn’t enough chemistry on this one, no way!

The song is available for download and listening across various platforms. Click on the link below to do so.

Whether you’re the mushy music loving type or not, you will definitely love this one. Simi covers up for all the loving, and Ladipoe oozed the bad boy in love all over it.

You definitely need to listen to this one, do so make your own meaning. One thing I guarantee you are, you’ll keep listening over and over again!

Below are some reactions after it was released.

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