Naira Marley Releases “Didolobo”

So, fresh from Naira Marley’s latest controversy of being a part of the infamous house party at Amen Estate, the one that landed Funke and her hubby JJC in hot soup. The one that got the tongues wagging all over again. But come to think of it, do the tongues ever stop when Naira is concerned? They sure don’t.

It is definitely no longer news that all charges got dropped against Naira, the only punishment was an order to be in self isolation for the next 14 days. A tap on the back, right? I’m someone is screaming mad oooooo!

Anyways, trust your boy Naira, he isn’t sitting down doing nothing at home. He’s as up and doing as ever!

So, today, he called out to his fans (Marlians) informing them of his intention to release a song by 4 p.m. The leader of the Marlian empire called for retweets, setting is as a condition to release the song. Trust the followers to do the bidding of the master. They swam on it like bees, retweeting as of their lives depended on it!

I can hear somebody yelling mad oooo, again.
‘E reach to shout am’ it was almost as if they were drunk on something.

In Naira’s exact words, he said:

Marlians retweet if I should release by 4 p.m. today.

Accompanying the words with a colourful cover photo housing an attention-grabbing inscription that made the Marlian army go wild!

If you’re one who understands Yoruba language, the title alone will alert you to the fact that this one is some X-rated sh*t.

The title “Didolobo” is a word in Yoruba, literally meaning that the woman genitals are meant for copulation. I did my best watering it down, right? But I bet you get the picture.

Didolobo is out, and the fans can’t get enough of it!

Listen via the link below, you’ll probably fall in love with the song too, or have more reason to detest the Chief Commander of the Marlian Army.
Enough said, pen dropped!


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