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You may not have heard about Atanda Ayobami, but she has gradually been taking slow sure steps, building not just her music but also growing her audience along the way. She has been delighting music lovers who have been fortunate to listen to her sing at one point of the other. I was fortunate to be one of those lucky ones, stumbling upon her at an event. I sure enjoyed every bit of it.

Ayobami is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She loves listening to Jazz, Rhythm and Blues and Soul music. Little wonder she patterns her music along these lines. It is this love and passion for music that prompted her to study music at the prestigious Lagos State University where she’s currently rounding up her first degree. Ayo is a performer and a recording artiste, having dropped her first single.

Being gifted at the art of strumming like rising star Efe Oraka (Magic) or like Bukola Elemide (Asa) isn’t the only quality Ayo possesses. She’s also gifted with her lyrics. Describing her words as deep won’t be off the mark as they’re poetically written with metaphors many bards will envy. This is largely why her listeners don’t just listen to her, but are also inquisitive about her words which though metaphorical aren’t complex but simple imagery that leaves simple relatable pictures I’m the mind.

She’s been gracing many stages, putting on display her art, performing at LASU her university, and at different locations in Lagos and outside the State too. She has performed with many rising artistes like her and also some notable personalities too.

Like many before her, she has done quite a number of covers of sweet music you’re used to, serenading her followers now and then via social media.

Check this Asa cover here; https://www.instagram.com/p/B5r0WPVAofD/?igshid=1nxoq2xajpbp3

You can check out some more across her social media handles:

Twitter: @theayobami_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atanda.ayobami.7

Instagram: theayobami_


In a time like this where a lot of young people are springing up and doing great music, where artistes like FireBoy, JoeBoy, Oxlade and the newest, the sweetest pop sensation Efe Oraka are doing wonders, you won’t be wrong at all to say it is at the nick of time that Ayobami is joining in. Ayo is definitely one that’s definitely worth giving a look at.

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After countless covers, after so much practice learning how to play the guitar and perhaps other instruments, after seeing so many short clips from her and perhaps after being among the audience seeing her perform at one point at the other, She is finally ready to serve her own dish. Like a chef trainee who’s been under the tutelage of a master chef for long time, she’s ready to take control, it is time she serves her first meal. And my oh my! This meal is ready! Today being the 10th of April in this perilous times, Ayobami releases her first single titled “Adegbola”

In this new song Ayobami sings sonorously about love in the most heartfelt manner, pouring out her feelings in every word and every verse of the song. The song depicts the regrets of a woman about lost love. A love she lost because of the wrong side of pride. The song is a plea for the woman who has realized her mistakes and is seeking to get back the love she lost.

In her words:

“Adegbola is a plea of a lady to her love. She seeks the love and the passion that she lost out of pride.”

Listening to this sweet tune, you can hear her sonorously pleading “Adegbola, let’s go back to before”

Will she get back her Adegbola? In her own words, it is only he who can answer

Listen to Adegbola in the link below:


And please, do leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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