War! Twitter vs The Nigerian Celebrities: Why?

You must have lost count of the amount of times this picture has featured on Twitter recently. By now, you should understand what it means when you see one of it. Twitter has been known to be a platform where most of the controversial conversations; government, entertainment, celebrities, events, shows and just the regular ‘Twitter bants’, are had.

Nevertheless, there is still an ongoing conversation as to how far most of the ‘free speech’ tweets can go before it becomes cyberbullying. A lot of politicians and celebrities have been at the recieving end of this ‘drag’ culture. To make a rough estimate, the top three people under recent ‘drags’ have been The President, Burna Boy and Toke Makinwa.

However, after the Funke Akindele Saga, it seemed like Twitter became a war zone. Some Nigerian celebrities while showing their solidarity towards their colleagues, Funke Akindele and Ahmed Bello have referred to Twitter users as ‘Snitches’. From Ay to Burna boy to Naira Marley and finally to Toke Makinwa in one day, the ‘keypad warriors’ are not relenting in the ‘drag race’.

Between the name calling and arguments, the celebrities are not holding back too. This has now escalated to the point where people are questioning just how important they are in an artist’s success. Well, only time can tell that. For now, why the fight?

In conflict resolution, there is a need to first recognise the cause of a problem. A supposed cause of division in the system is up for debate. So, Afrobeats360 set out to find out what people thought was the major cause of this ‘gbas gbos‘ trend.

Most of our interviewees were promised anonymity unless they chose to provide a name.

This is what people had to say when asked:

“Twitter vs Nigerian Celebrities: What is the cause?”

  1. Pent-up beef
  2. The Funke Akindele Saga
  3. Joblessness due to excess quarantine time
  4. Other reasons”

Our first answer came from Emm who says;

Other reason. I don’t think people on Twitter need quarantine to unleash their anger on celebrities. do not hesitate to drag them. The quarantine just gives a lot of people more time to add more oil to the wire of the gen. I think people on twitter are usually dragged because they were being stupid.


Another Interviewee says;

It’s not even in the options. AY comedian is partly responsible and the main thing is everyone is dissatisfied with Nigeria. If AY had not said anything about oppressors, it wouldn’t have gotten to this stage. What Funke did was wrong. It’s a fact. But we don’t need ass lickers to tell us what or what not to do. The same way the people who dropped their account number will be feeling right now. That if they had not dropped the account numbers, celebrities won’t be able to yab them now. Back to the issue, the Twitter and celebrity thing is just like a time bomb waiting to explode. The same celebs who suffered in the same Nigeria, dare not confront the oppressors because they’re already taking their share of the “national cake”.


Hmm! People sure have daring perspectives. We respect that.

Another avid reader on Afrobeats360 said:

I’d go for joblessness due to excess quarantine time. People want to feel relevant by dropping savage replies. Trust me, many of them either want their tweet as memes or they want to see it on instablog. If they had something doing, they won’t be looking for who to attack. Another thing is, some people wish they were celebrities, had money and don’t have to beg for giveaways. If you check, most of the people attacking the celebrities are not only jobless, but broke.


Damn! That was a blunt opinion. Our last featured interviewee says:

Pent up beef. To be very honest, many Nigerian youths see these celebs as gods but some others feel nostalgic about them. They see them as threats and sometimes may even beef them for the lavish lifestyles they exude to the general public…

These aura of nostalgia has made there to be brushes online, (most especially on twitter) with these celebs. Hence, with any stroke of opportunity, they strike in full finesse and force… Some feel these so called “demi gods” go against rules and regulations and don’t practice what they preach, hence they like their talent but hate their personalities which might have been brought about by their actions and inactions!!!


People have let us know what they really thought as the cause of this ongoing ‘internet beef’. While we have no idea when it would end, we sure hope it is soon. Afrobeat360 would never be in support of any form of cyberbullying from either party. Until we come again, xoxo……Never mind

What are you thoughts on the ongoing Twitter war? Leave us your comments below.


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360