” I Ditched My Father And Didn’t Go To School For one year” – Davido

Removing all doubt that he had been having a perfect life, the King of 30 Billion Gang has come out with his before-stardom story to put the perspective straight about his music career.

Speaking in an Instagram live interview with ace manager, Ubifranklin, the son of billionaire Adeleke unmasked the unrevealed about career, recounting that he had to ditch the desire of his father for him in order for him to become what he became today.

While restating that the journey to stardom was very bumpy for him, he revealed that for a whole year, he deceived his father that he was in school meanwhile he had traveled out to pursue his crave for a life in music.

He noted that as against his parents desire that he picked a career other than being a musician, he went head-on for music after discovering his passion to be a star in music in his first year in school.

Speaking on the investment he made to become the Davido known today, the “risky” crooner revealed that he had to use all the money sent to him by his father to buy studio equipment in school in order to begin recording songs then on campus.

At some point, pleading with his father to allow him continue his studies in Nigeria in order for him to do music alongside, Davido revealed that his father blatantly hated on the music side and make sure he was flown back to school abroad that very day he made such undesirable plea.


Who would have thought, braggadocio Davido was once booted like that.

Well, that’s not the end of the story.

Eventually, the Davido’s cloud had a silver lining as he met with his future when he boarded the plane back to school the very day his father got angry at his “let me school in Nigeria and do music” request and ask that he got flown back to school.

According to Davido, on getting into the plane he met with Wande Coal who was also on his way to same destination to attend Dbanj and Don Jazzy’s show.

This led to him not going to school for a whole year.

However, he met his waterloo when his father called to know the whereabouts of his son but was told that he had not come to school for a whole year.



You know what, let me ease up with this gist here, watch the full interview below:

However, this story might appear similar with that of other stars, but don’t you think Davido sacrificed a lot?

As in, he deserves where he is now in the industry?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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