Falz Shares Details Of His Sex Life, And Marital Plans On Day-3 Of Lockdown

All round celebrity entertainer Falz, has joined the moving train of interacting with fans and keeping them entertained during this 14days lockdown, through the use of social media Apps. He took to ‘Instagram Live’ days ago and allowed fans to ask him any question they wish to ask him with a promise to honestly answer them, and if there’s any question he fails to answer, he would take a shot of Hennessy. Since most of the questions were sex related, he had no choice than to answer them. Which made him share details of his sex life, fantasy, and heartbreaks and marital plans in the process.

Falz on IG live

Falz responding to the question of when he first had sex,told fans that he started having sex when he was 17 years old. And so far, he has only been in two relationships. One in secondary school and one with an Indian girl when he was in the university. According to him, every other one has been a ‘situationship’. But he made it clear that his body count is above 60. A fan called in and asked if he’s ever made a lady squirt and if he’s ever had a threesome. And guess what? Flaz response to these questions were affirmative. Hmm! The real bahdguy.

A fan whose sole aim was to ‘shake tables’. Asked the barrister turned entertainer to name the female celebrities he’s had sex with and those he wish to have oral sex with?

Well since an attribute of a sweet boy isn’t to ‘kiss and tell’, Falz didn’t answer the first part of the question and so he took a shot of Hennessy. Answering the second part of the question, he made mention of ‘Inidima Okojie’, ‘Nancy Isime’ and ‘Rita Dominic’ as the three female celebs he wish to have not just oral sex, but any type of sex with.
When asked by another fan who his celebrity crush is and if he likes older women?, Bop daddy revealed that he admires the actress ‘shafy Bello’, but ‘Inidima Okojie’ who is among the three celebrities he wish to have oral sex with is also his celebrity crush.

Falz couldn’t stop laughing when a fan asked him if he use to ‘jo soapy’ i.e masturbate. Well, he replied that especially during this 14days lockdown when one is all alone in the house, soap and cream can come in handy. And that he will make use of his left hand just to have a different feel of it. WHAT!!!

When another fan asked if he’s made anyone think of him as a one minute man? His response was that every man has his ‘off days’ and any man who hasn’t is nothing but a big fat liar. Hmm am I the only one that feels that maybe Falz and this fan might have an history?

Former Big brother Naija housemate Venita Akpofure, who’s also known for her role as Ay’s girlfriend in the popular Ay’s crib, was among those that called in to ask Falz questions. She asked him a series of ‘never have I questions’ and the particular one that got people talking was when she asked him if he’s ever fantasized about her and his response to her was yes.

When asked if he’s ever been heartbroken? Falz went all emotional, was lost for words and said that he isn’t going to give full details of all that happened, but yes!, he’s had his heart broken. Sometime last year by someone he thought he had something with.

Not long after he answered this question, the singer ‘Simi’ who everyone thought had great chemistry with Falz. Not until she got married to Adekunle Gold last year, called in to ask Falz that if he could go back in time to change anything in his life what would that be?

Falz after thinking for a while, said he wouldn’t change anything. As all that has happened including his car accident in 2013 all happened for a reason. Falz took the opportunity to quiz the songstress too. He asked her when last she had sex? And she replied that she doesn’t believe in it and called her husband Adekunle Gold who also confirmed Simi’s claim.

One person that also had questions for the president of the ‘sweet boys association’ was his sister Foladele. She asked him if he’s ever getting married, if yes when would that be? She also asked him when he’s going to start going to church again. While assuring him that she would see to it that their mother watch this video.

Falz responded that he’s not ready for marriage at the moment and maybe in the next six years she should ask him this question. As he still needs to get to a certain ‘money landmark’ in his life. And as for when he’s going to get back to church, he said that he doesn’t believe going to church guarantees his salvation.
Adekunle Gold, Chills, and Shody were among those in the entertainment industry that called in to ask Falz questions.

The #askFalz IG live session was a very interesting one that kept the over three thousand fans and viewers wide awake till almost 2:00am.

Do well to leave your thoughts in the comment section about ‘Falzthebahdguy’ sharing details about his sex life, and marital plans with fans during this lockdown. Do you consider it as entertainment or you see it as Falz talking too much?

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