Teni Positive To Coronavirus?

Teni Positive To Coronavirus?

Teni stopped from entering her sister's house

Preventive measures they say cannot be too extreme as Coronavirus ravages, provided it is going to curb it’s spread and keep innocent lives safe.

Taking up extreme measures to keep safe by being was the music star, Niniola, who without recourse to anything locked out her fellow star and sister, Teni, so as not to be a victim of circumstance.

Owing to Covid-19, Niniola did not open her gate for Teni to enter her house.


Niniola who was scare for Teni Positive To Coronavirus

Does it mean Teni could be “coronalised”? As in, Teni Positive To Coronavirus?


Amebo! Answer na.

Well, seriously enough Niniola being scared that her sister, Teni, might come into her house with Coronavirus when she came visiting recently, took every step of social distancing she could take, quarantining her own sister before anything.

Singer Niniola who locked out Teni from entering her house

Was Teni disappointed or had to understand?

Who knows?

Teni Entering the House

Following her constant appraisal of Niniola that she contributed to her exponential growth in the music industry, don’t you think it will be wrong of her not to understand Niniola’s act?

Nevertheless, really, if this threatens the bond between the two sisters, would you be susprised at Teni?

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