Covid-19: Simi Gets Tap On The Back, Series Of Backlashes For Speaking Out

Not long after popular Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele Bello got arrested yesterday for hosting a house party celebrating her birthday at her residence at Amen estate. Simi took to Twitter in a tweet condemning ignorance, describing it as a costly disease. In a few words, she said:

“Ignorance can be such a costly disease.”

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It wasn’t long before there was a rain of comments on the post, with many obviously linking it to Funke’s arrest. While she got commended for making such a comment by a number of Twitter users, there was however a fair share who went downright insulting. The comments only spurred Simi on to make more posts, advising followers on the need to stay safe, making it very clear that she will keep saying her mind even at the risk of being insulted.

She went further to reiterate the need why we as a people need to rise above the ignorance, stating again that the alternative would be costly and that the poor and not the rich will be the ones at the receiving end of it.

While imploring them to stay safe, she continued by saying she will keep fighting the course despite all the insults, sensitizing the people on the need to see what she’s doing for what it is rather than fighting it. In her words:

“But if you keep fighting this, it may become survival of the richest. Please stay safe, there aren’t many people on your side.”

She touched on a variety of salient issues, many primarily on why you need to protect yourself as an individual, why your own safety was solely dependent on you.

In Simi’s conclusion, she stated how easy the alternative of keeping quiet rather than speaking was, how you can avoid all the backlashes by keeping all of your opinions in your pocket.

The alternative is definitely something that shouldn’t be entertained, speaking out when you need to is very key, especially if it points people in the right direction. Wouldn’t you say a big well-done to dear Simi? I know I sure would.

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