“Check Up On Your Love Ones Now” – KennyBlaq, Emmaohmagod and Davidjonesdavid Advises

While the whole world has been forced to take on the measure of staying at home with immediate family so as to curb the spread of Coronavirus, Covid-19 still rages, threatening the togetherness that could exist amongst people.

So how do Nigerians keep up with their love ones who are far away?

Comedian KennyBlaq, Entertainer Emmaohmagod and Actor cum singer Davidjonesdavid answered, saying right now, everyone need to constantly put a phone call through to those far away to check up on them as it will alleviate the scare, uncertainties and negatives that Coronavirus brings.

Giving this admonition in a video with their individual singing dexterity, the three “stew” musketeers called on everyone not to overlook what a phone call to their loves could do at a time like this.

Affectively giving greens about what the future could hold for everyone, they speak on the place of love in shaping lives, reigniting hope in the hopeless if shown sincerely.

Watch video below:


Don’t you think these should be the core of our existence now, peddling love as much as we can?

Speaking of this song in relation to the singers, don’t you think KennyBlaq will do well in singing as much as he is doing in comedy?

For Emmaohmagod, what genre of music do you think will make him go head to head with other stars in the industry?

For Davidjonesdavid, which star do you think he should collabo with to put in up for recognition?

While you answer these in the comment section, do not forget, while you stay safe, call your loved ones who are far away, show some love today.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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