Teni, Rema, Runtown Trade Money For Followers!

It wouldn’t be off the mark if we say it’s raining giveaways from Nigerian celebrities, from actors to politicians to sportsmen and women, you just name it! It’s been literally raining money in trickles from different celebrities to the needy and the not so needy. The artistes have not been left out of the action, in fact they’ve been primary players in the action. A day doesn’t go by without featuring a celebrity doing a giveaway or two.

There’s however a catch to the nonstop giveaways. It has been observed that a larger chunk of the celebrities are actually doing a tit-for-tat kind of giving, as many of them are capitalizing on the plight of needy Nigerians as an opportunity to get new followers. The days gone by have seen celebrities promising social media user stipends if they follow them and turn on their notifications. On of such is Afrobeats sensation Runtown.

In Runtown’s tweet via his verified Twitter handle @IRuntown__ replying to one of Davido’s tweet, he said in few words:

50k each giveaway soon!
Retweet and like my pinned tweet and follow me #Jakowrld

Other responses included what Teni and Mavin’s Rema said in similar tweets via their handles @TeniEntertain and @heis_Rema they were also replying @davido. View in the images below.

In all, they were all saying the same thing: follow me and I’ll give you something. In other words, you have to become a disciple to get out of this bread.

In this trying times, in doing their moral responsibility, do you think it is necessary for these celebrities to demand for followers before giving? Or do you think it isn’t a big deal? After all, it’s their money, let them give it out how they deem.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section, please.

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