Covid-19: Test Vaccines Where There Are More Cases Says Davido

You must have noticed noticed that there has been a lot of backlash from celebrities and none celebrities alike, after some French doctors suggested Africa as a testing ground for Covid-19 vaccines. Many was angered by the suggestion, most of them basing their annoyance on the fact that Africa was the least hit by the rampaging virus so far.

The most asked questions includes “Why not test it over there in the developed countries since they’re the most hit by the pandemic? Why not In Italy, Spain the USA or even their own native France?

Many are of the opinion that it is total disrespect suggesting Africa as a testing ground. Legendary Ivorian African Ex Footballer Didier Drogba kicked against it, saying Africans were not Guinea Pigs. Many others towed this same lines. Some even went as far as likening it to colonialism all over again, describing it as neocolonialism.

In the midst of it all, afrobeats is not left out as one of afrobeat’s finest Davido had something to say too. Many will most likely says he’s afrobeats finest, but trust me, Wizkid fans won’t take that lying down.

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Back to the matter at hand, writing in Nigeria’s version of pidgin English via his official Twitter handle @davido, he said:

“Make dem go use the vaccine for where the cases plenty pass”

Literally meaning that the vaccines should be tested where there are more cases.

Does it really matter where the vaccine is tested? Is it logical to ask for it to be tested where there are more cases instead of where there are few in comparison? In trying to avoid one-sided opinions and forcing the opinion of the majority down your throat, wade into the matter too by simply telling us where you stand in this discussion.

Well, Davido was definitely assertive in showing his stance. You’re queuing behind him and others or?

Tell us in the comments section, please.

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