Teni Reveals One Of The Best Days Of Her Life In A Video

It will be utterly aberrant if entertainers could not find a way to keep their fans entertained during this Covid-19 period, hence, a lot of singers have been unto one thing or the other to ensure that they keep their name up in the mind of the fans with their amusing doings.

Just to do something too while all these is on, Teni the entertainer owned up to her name by pulling a smile inducing throwback video on his fans.

Teniola Apata in retrospection reprofiled herself by dropping a video she did during her graduation ceremony from the University of Georgia.

Taking all doubt out about how her smash hit “Uyo Meyo” came about, Teni was seen in the video singing the song with so much bliss, unknowingly to her then, it was to the interest of her fans.

Relishing herself and her achievement then, Teni could not help but pick her graduation as one of the best days of her life.

She asserted that vividly under her post on Instagram.

See post:

As usual, it was a bonding moment for her and her fans as she was congratulated in arrears while request for the full video was requested by a large chunk of her followers.

Fab, right?


But aside these, what are your expectations from the entertainer herself during this lock down period?

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