What You Should know about Brymo’s album, “Yellow”

Nevertheless the realities of things, one of the things that is expected of every artiste in the entertainment industry is to prove their worth with releases, if not, any artiste is bound to be displaced like bad beans without recourse to anything.

As in, “OYO”

So, proving his worth in the entertainment industry at present is Brymo who just dropped his 7th studio album titled “Yellow”.

As promised sometime ago, the artiste released the 3-part album to amaze his fans and accentuate the fact that he is indeed a lone artiste with sauce.

“Yellow” being of Sentimental Ballad, Trap, Alternative, Sophisti-pop, Shoegaze, Rock, Synth-Pop, Folk genre has 15 tracks all together, of which, 14 of the songs is produced by one tuner named MikkyMe Jose’s while the last track was produced by Nsikak David and Lindsey Abudei.

Unlike what we are likely to see with other artiste in the industry, Brymo featured just one person in the 47 minute album named Lindsey Abudei.

So it means, Yellow comes with Brymo and Brymo alone.

Hmmmm, all to prove his worth, right?

His words too obviously, as the artiste has been on the braggadocio phase in recent time.

Despite the axiom that “Yellow” carries songs that throws in light on serious issues in the political, emotional, religion, love and industry scenes, could we say this is what the street wants from Brymo?

Mostly at this “stay at home” period, is this going to be accepted?

Well, you couldn’t have known what ball management has in stock for you except you “hear am”.

More so, you can’t prove Brymo’s “Yellow” wrong except you listen.

Now, the wait is over.

Here is the link to the album.


Listen and type in your findings in the comment section.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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