Davido’s DMW Vs Olamide’s YBNL In a Musical Battle – Which will win?

In line with cropping up peek-aboo to make this stay at home period all fun, Nigerian entertainers have been bringing up one music related battle or the other to mesmerize their fans and ultimately keep their revered place in the industry in tact.

First it was production battle between Sarz and Shizzi and now guess what we had here?!

A battle between David’s DMW and ‘any other’ record label.


Davido taking to his Twitter page made this call with so much confident that the social media is still on the edge about it.

It is was a daring invitation letter as the star stands to prove that his label is the best there is.

According to the king of 30 million gang, any current music label are welcome to challenge DMW in a music battle.

According to Twitter users, it’s either YBNL or no record label worthy, as Mavin and Star boy entertainment have no artiste to take on the 30 Billion Gang.

Following all of these, since no label has indicated interest in going up against Davido and his crew, Twitter raged with so many suggestion of labels that could take on the battle for a win.

See reactions:


This is a lot already and it seems now no record label is capable enough to give a musical fight to DMW.

What do you think?

If there is to you, which record label can bring down DMW?

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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