Burnaboy Says Reekado Banks Isn’t A “Worthy Challenger”

Our ‘African giant’ A.K.A Burnaboy made a lot of Twitter users go wild yesterday, when he implied in a tweet that former Marvin records signee Reekado Banks isn’t a “worthy Challenger”, and is no match for him musically, lyrically, or even physically.

I know you are wondering what made Burna boy make this claim, well just sanitize your hands, sit tight and let me give you the complete gist.

It all started when Burnaboy granted a question and answer session using the #askBurna to his fans and other Twitter users on the App. In order to make day 1 of the 14 days lockdown an interesting one.

Then a fan asked him ‘if he was to go into a hit battle with any Nigerian artiste who would it be’?
In his response Burna said he doesn’t know what a hit battle is, but he’s ready to go toe to toe with any of them that is a worthy challenger. Emphasis on the ‘worthy challenger’.

The ‘catapult’ hit maker, Reekado Banks responded to the African giant’s tweet saying that he’s “game”, “that energy let’s get it”.

It was here the Gbas gbos came. Burna replied Reekado with three laughing emojis and told Reeky that he’s got mad love for him but didn’t Reeky see the phrase “worthy Challenger”?
Reekado responded to Burna “Lol. Love you too bro. Are we playing these jams or what?”

Obviously, this response from Burna got a lot of tweeter users ‘wilding’. While some were of the opinion that truly, Reekado banks is no match for the African giant, many others felt that we’ve had enough of Burna and his alleged pride and arrogance. Even Korede Bello who’s a former label mate of Reekado also responded to Burna’s tweet:

This is looking like another David and Goliath story. Maybe Reekado’s hit single ‘catapult’ and other tracks would be enough to bring the giant to his knees or maybe the African giant will change that narrative.

Let’s us know if you are with the African giant or Reekadobanks on this one. And if you feel like there’s no need picking sides and we should just enjoy Afrobeats and support each other in taking Afrobeats to the world, do let us know in the comment section as well. Leggoooo

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