Don Jazzy, Sarz, Shizzi, Pheelz or ID Cabasa, Who Is The Best Producer In Nigeria?

Little or no activities in the entertainment industry has made boredom the order of the day for many around the world but trust Nigerians, they always find a way to keep body and soul going no matter the realities of things.

breaking boundaries of boredom on social media today is the topic: who is a better Producer, Don Jazzy, Sarz or ID cabasa?

And as usual Twitter has been shut down with opinions of different shade about who is and who is not.

Meanwhile, in case you don’t know, this is following the production battle between Sarz and Shizzi on Instagram live before Don Jazzy was brought on stage to have his fans ascentuate the fictional-fact that he is the greatest producer there is in Nigeria.

As a lot of people enjoyed the battle, so many people believed that Sarz won Shizzi which led to the question of who is the greatest producer in Nigeria?

Here are some of the opinions which has pheelz, ID cabasa, Sarz himself on the list of those somewhat better than Don Jazzy because of the street-accepted songs they have produced which to many, is better than Jazzy’s hey-days down to this very minute.

Check the comments out.

With these buzz of reactions, it’s true that Covid-19 can’t hold Nigerians down as for them, entertainment continues.

Now for you.

Don Jazzy, Sarz, Shizzi, pheelz, ID cabasa, who better pass?

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

Mathias Bright is a serial professional with content creation as his core. He is a reporter with Bond FM and the founder of a media brokerage organization called, B&B MEDIA WORLD.

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