Reaction trails Social Media as Toni Payne celebrates 9ice’s New Wife

Undoubtedly, life has always proven to be a pot of beans as it throws fate wanted or unwanted at people no matter their level or what they think about it.

In what seem like accepting the fate thrown at her by life, the former wife of the music star, 9ice, known as Tony Payne has defied all odds to celebrate his new wife.

Neglecting her fight for what she shared with 9ice, Tony Payne recently wowed the residents of social media as she shared beautiful photo of the new wife named Olasunkanmi to felicitate with her and perhaps,show her love and support for their union.

As expected, mouths has started wagging at her show of maturity and somewhat peace between the former and new wife of the singer.

Celebrating Olasunkanmi, Payne wrote:

Ayeeeee! Happy Birthday Suga.. loads of hugs my fellow Aries.”

In a quick response, 9ice new wife wrote:

Thanks soooo much sugsssss “


While this seem pleasant to the eyes, is there more to this?

As in, is this show of love for each other real?

Or, it’s a “I have no choice” kind of acceptance from Payne?

Well, reacting to all of this, social media rages.

See reactions:

funkybusyt: “I love dis …so simple and matured.No sh1tty talks”

talksexwithireti: “Life is too short to be having grudges. God bless your soul”

royalty_beautypalace: “Live and lets others lives”

sheisbrownsugar12_: “Toni Payne. Maturity on fleek”

jugyzozo: “Yeah they are in good terms… maturity “

sir.mbenson: “She and 9ice go dey cable on code. 9ice Na programmer and Toni Payne Na hacker. Madam new wife go need better antivirus”

ozinhkiaye: “When you have no hate in your heart,all”obytats: “

The day u realize dat nothing is in dis world to b bit day things will begin to work out more for u. Maturity is a lot once u give up on bitterness and moving on. Moving and happiness is d key to better life❤️”

amina.aminuu: “una funny die, all na social media love, una check her heart?”


Is all of these social media love or is real?

Mostly when one wants to think of the fact that Tony Payne has a child for 9ice, could we say “she don gbakamu?”

Is there more to this?

What do you think?

While you give your opinion on this, join us to celebrate Olasunkanmi as she heads on to a blissful 365 days ahead.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

Mathias Bright is a serial professional with content creation as his core. He is a reporter with Bond FM and the founder of a media brokerage organization called, B&B MEDIA WORLD.

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