10 Things To Do While Social Distancing

With the grand entrance of the COVID-19 virus into Nigeria, citizens have begun to take precautionary measures.

People have isolated themselves, observed social distancing and gone into quarantine, when necessary.

A lot of people on social media platforms have complained of boredom that stems from staying home all day.

Here’s a list of ten things you can do to curb boredom while social distancing.

Watch a Music Video – most people don’t know what the videos to their favourite songs look like. Most times people are so occupied, they can only listen to the audio version of their favourite songs. You can watch a music video if you’re spending a lot of time at home.

Learn a Viral Dance – a lot of people (including myself, sadly) still don’t know how to Zanku or Tesumole. There are a lot of viral dance steps and even dance routines you can try out.

Cook a New Dish – have you ever eaten a rotisserie chicken? Or yam peppersoup? Or isi ewu? Now is the time to dig into your freezer and turn all the nice cuts of meat you’ve been saving into a tasty dish!

Clean Your Room – have you misplaced a pair of socks? A hair scrunchie? Are five of your shirts mysteriously missing? Clean your room. You may be surprised by your findings.

Try Yoga – before the spread of COVID-19 to Nigeria, majority of our population led a tight schedule. Now you have enough time to spread a mat and stretch those muscles.

Get to Know Your Favourite Artists – when is Davido’s birthday? Did you know Simi has a YouTube channel? Aside being your musical favourites, artists live interesting lives you would enjoy finding out about.

Work Out – some people have postponed working out from the first day they purchased a gym membership card. Now gyms are closed, but your pot belly is still there, work out at home!

Listen to an Entire Album – usually, there’s one song off an entire album that makes a lot of waves, so everyone plays that one nonstop and we forget the rest of the album is actually fire. Download entire albums and listen to them.

Meditate – this is the perfect time to relax. With no where to go, take position in the centre of your room and mediate. Falling asleep after meditating is pure bliss, I completely recommend.

Finish an Online Course – all the half done online courses lying around on different sites and apps need to be finished! All the complaints about being occupied are now void, set your mind to it and get it done!

Also, remember that the Corona virus doesn’t spread itself, its spread by people. So wash your hands, practice social distancing, cough into your elbow and avoid smoking. Stay safe everyone.

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