Vector Speaks On COVID-19: “I Feel Nigerians Just Want to Panic For No Reason”

Joining the conversation on the spread of the Corona virus in Nigeria and ways to stay safe, is popular hip-hop artiste ‘Vector’. And he is of the opinion that Nigerians just want to panic for no reason, as he advises us to be calm and stay self.

The ‘King-kong’ hit maker who returned from the “1 Oak night club” opening in Dubai a few days ago, recently went on Instagram to lament about the number of calls he’s been receiving from people in the health sector, who are calling just to know if he’s noticed any symptoms since he returned.
Vector in his post made it clear that while he’s self isolating at the moment, he feels fine and hasn’t noticed any symptoms, and will make the call if he feels some type of way. Click link below:

He went on to state that with they way we are all panicking, Nigeria can’t afford to have another ‘Xenophobic reaction’ as regards ‘Corona virus’.

‘Vector’ shared a cost effective personal hygiene method his mom taught him a long time ago that could help everyone stay safe and fight the virus this period, as the cheapest hand sanitizer he heard sells for #850.00. While adding that Vodka can also do the trick of keeping your hands clean.

Admitting that he doesn’t have all the facts, he advises us to constantly wash our hands and not hesitate to make the necessary call if we notice any symptoms. As according to him “we gahter dey“.

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  1. One thing that really makes sense is the Nigeria can’t afford to have another ‘Xenophobic reaction’ as regards ‘Corona virus’.

    Because sadly it has begun to happen… Saw a video of us Chinese guy being brutalized in Lagos the other day over corona virus fear 💔

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