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The ‘flamboyant’ love life of Davido and his fiancée Chioma. A love that can be best summarized as highly controversial, yet, still beautiful. And this in itself says a lot about the   couples, beyond the flashy lifestyle that comes to mind when their names are mentioned.

On a lighter note, maybe, just maybe we need to pay a little more attention to the positives that come with most of these celebrity stories, than making highlights of the negatives, in most cases. For instance: Remember earlier this year, the rather ugly gist about Davido vs Chioma and Perruzi spread through the internet like wildfire.

Many times, we have seen issues half as sensitive as this destroy relationships of many years; especially with the much bad energy added by the ‘ever ready’ internet community.

Finally, when it was all clear the couples were still doing just fine together, many started to “change mouth” (as our people will call it). Some said it was definitely just a prank by the couple, some said it was just a rumor and others even went as far as saying the truth will be out “when the baby’s face is revealed.” It was another case that showed how interested many are to the negatives.

However, in all amongst others, one thing to note in the whole drama is that- many times in life, things will never crumble, until the key parties let it. Stick at your game, do your thing, and try not to ever get overwhelmed by cheap talks.

The Assurance 2020

Like a stale news, the ‘Davido, Chioma, Peruzzi’ gist is hardly talked about these days, rather, fans scream the chorus of “1 Milli.”

There wouldn’t have been any ‘one naira’, not to talk of ‘one milli’ song if the lovers were broken by the many ‘this and that’ thrown at them ever since the beginning of their relationship.

You won’t be wrong if you call the song a 2020 ‘assurance’ of the lovebirds still together.

1 Milli

Now, let’s take a quick glance at the song- One Milli

Firstly, the video was without the regular-

‘Bling bling’

‘Flashy cars’

‘Half naked girls’ and the likes.

And oh! I forgot to mention scenes of dollars. The usual fake dollars that ‘poured’ in most videos. One would have thought that this would be the case in the ‘One Milli’ video, going by the name, but the reverse was the case.

Rather, it was a colorful display of Western Nigeria rich cultural heritage, with a large number of the elderly women dancing graciously to the beat.

Like in most of his songs, Davido didn’t fail to dive into Yoruba language, whilst speaking to his Igbo lover, Chioma.

Je kagba dura- Let us pray

Ka ye wa dara- That our lives would be good

Ko layo ko loyin – For joy and sweetness

Ko ma ta po sara wa- Let them not stain our body with oil/’spoil’ our relationship

With white as the dominant color worn by the women in the video, it was evident many scenes in the video were simply relatable to the lyrics of the song.

According to a recent foreign exchange rate, one million dollars in naira is over 300 million naira, this and many more were the promises of Davido to Chef Chi.

Chioma on the other hand may not have said a word in the video, but the gestures on her face alone, spoke a lot. From the soft display of joy and happiness, to her usual ‘fierce’ look that told ‘any possible hater’ out there- “she is still in charge!”

Well, this love has come a long way in a short time, and we really hope that the chemistry between the two will last forever.

Cheers! To Assurance 2020

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Eden Benibo

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