AY Gifts Physically Challenged Kupe9ja A New Car

In furtherance of his goodwill to humanity and  friendship, popularly comedian, Ayo Makun, AY, has gifted a brand new car to Anthony Kupe known as Kupe9ja in celebration of his graduation.

The comedian who said the gift came in to encourage the young man who is a cerebral palsy patient and advocate to do more in proving that indeed, disability is not an excuse to remain average.

Taking to his social media handle to share the acceptance-reaction of Kupe9ja, AY appreciated the social media blogger for going the mile of starting a foundation that caters for people with same specialty like him.

He captioned the video shared on instagram thus:

We just want to thank God for the life of our SPECIAL friend @kupe9ja who is currently surviving the situation, and also doing everything possible to let the world know that there is ability in disability”.

That is not all, AY revealed that the car comes with a driver that will take Kupe9ja anywhere he needs to be at anytime.

“As part of his graduation gift/support for his recently launched foundation, here is token from Pals_auto_sales and my very self. This will be coming with a driver to help him do his running around.”

Responding to the love-doing of the comedian, the young man was seen in the video agog about the gift that he requested the key and jumped into the car to have a good feel of it.

On their part, the residents of instagram and fellow stars reacts, showing prayer on AY for his good deed while congratulating Kupe9ja on his new whip.

Apparrently, this is nothing short of being humane.

While we congratulate Kupe9ja, join us in saying a hearty thank you to AY.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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