Dino Melaye Recruited Into Nollywood As he Appears In A Block Buster Soon

Over the years, Nollywood has been seen to be the House of all irrespective of profession or place in the society and proving this, is the recent recruitment of the controversial former senator, Dino Melaye, to star in a movie soon.

Joining the Actors Guild Of Nigeria, The politician took to his instagram page to share the news about his work in Nollywood with his fans alike.

In what seem like a official acceptance into the Nollywood tribe, Dino Melaye was seen in a photo with the President of actors guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas pegging a card of identification on the politicians attire.

Prior to this announcement couched in a photo, the senator had been seen on set of a new movie, titled Silence Prejudice.

The politician turned actor who said he was being decorated by the Union, revealed his good time on set with other Nollywood stars in a photo.

Being dressed in a fine Igbo attire, the new Nollywood recruit, according to reports, puts in an appearance at the at the recent seventh edition of the African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, dressed in a pizzazz blue suit.

The actor has obviously been accepted by Nollywood Ninja’s was seen with other dignitaries at the award.

Hmmmm, isn’t this a major recruitment for Nollywood?

As in, another platform to continue in his controversial ways?

You sure have something to say, get in the comment section.

Meanwhile, Afrobeats360 says congratulations to the newly recruited Nollywood politician.

Bright M. Esagbodje

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