Davido Seen Reading Bible With Sister In A Private Jet

It was a different mode for the Nigerian superstar, Davido as he was seen reading the Bible with his sister following the postponement of his “A good Time” Album tour in North America.

Really? Davido?!

Who would have thought he does the spiritual too?


Projecting his devotion to God, the star trends again on social media as he showcases his sister and him paying rapt attention to the letters of the Bible as he was being tutored in one of the Adeleke’s private jet.

The sister with instagram name, Rona or Lifeofrona appeared to be in a deep teaching session with Davido while his attention was undivided.

Proving that he is also paying attention to the spirit of word of God, the king of 30 billion geng was also recently seen in a church singing and worshipping God staunchly, again with his sister, Sharon Ademefun.

Revealing that he has God in mind inspite of his busy schedules, the Nigerian star shared the photo of them on his instagram story, stating vividly that he and his sister has a Bible study.


As much as this might appear ordinary and expected of everyone, this is quite shocking about Davido.

Of course, who would have thought that inspite of his shenanigans online and offline, the Risky crooner is not putting his spiritual life at risk after all?

Who would have thought he even has time for his Bible, let alone of studying it attentively?

Would you have thought?

Maybe we shouldn’t conclude that we have seen all about Davido, while other stars are taking on other portfolio in the industry, maybe Davido wants to be a preacher after all.

Or what do you think?

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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