“Give Us 24 hours Electricity First”- Wizkid Lashes Out as Senate Moves to Place a Ban on Generators in Nigeria.

Every once in a while, we get blessed with an influencer speaking up on the political situation in Nigeria. From fighting against the intended ban against social media in Nigeria #LeaveOurSocialMediaAlone, to speaking out on the CoronaVirus Pandemic, the Nigerian celebrities have been more expressive recently.

Today, Wizkid took to his Twitter account in response to the Senate’s proposed bill to place a ban on generators. The bill is said to also feature a 10-year jail term for generator merchants.

In response to the news carried by punch newspapers, Wizkid lashed out at the proposed bill instructing the Senate to first provide a 24/7 electricity supply to Nigerians, before placing such a ban.

Still on the issue, the Nigerian musician criticized the proposed bill with the tweet “misplaced priorities”.

In reaction to the musicians tweet, fans have shown appreciation to Wizkid for lending his voice for a good political cause. While at this, others have enjoined other celebrities to use their voice in order to create change.

Of course, some others have expressed complacency while citing other recent political happenings in Nigeria, as a reason to keep quiet and move forward.

From our standpoint, it is right that Wizkid has lent his voice. While we don’t know if this would yield a positive response, we are however, appreciative of the fact that a change may come after all. What are your thoughts on wizkid’s response and do you think other celebrities should follow suit for this cause. Leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts on the proposed bill.


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

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  1. They should all start talking too instead of forming tush in their castles. It’ll affect them too, even if they travel out they’ll still come back to the country sometimes 🤷🏽‍♀️

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