Teni Unveils Feminine Side As she becomes The Newest Landlady in Lagos

As it’s expected of someone who has tasted the money and fame part of the music industry, Teniola Apata popularly known as Teni the Entertainer has become a property owner in the smart city of Lagos.

Excitedly sharing the good news to her fans on instagram, Teni unveiled her newly acquired home, telling her fans that she has become the latest landlady in town.

Stepping into the house to showcase it to the world, Teni in a video was seen showing off the exterior of the house.

Having extended gratitude to the real estate agent who helped in acquiring the property, the artiste had a gush of congratulatory messages to deal with.


As expected, Fans joined in watering the house in prayers revealing them more will be seen from the artiste.

Meanwhile, this is following the recent revelation of artiste that she is done acting like a boy, that, she is taking up the lady side of her here on.

Proving it that she has taken a break from her usual style, Teni was seen in a video flaunting her well-adorned self and saying she is finer than Shakira and Beyonce.

See for yourself:




Entertainment from an entertainer, as usual!

Well, in case you don’t know, it’s new beginning for Teni.

A new house, a new Teni, a new entertainment art.

However, which Teni would you raise placards for, Boyish Teni or Ladylike Teni?

As she raves on, join in with a word of support for Teni in the comment section.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

Mathias Bright is a serial professional with content creation as his core. He is a reporter with Bond FM and the founder of a media brokerage organization called, B&B MEDIA WORLD.

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  1. She’s still dressed like a boy na, I was expecting to see a dress or something. Very, very interesting. Congratulations Teni.

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