Teni Saved My EP When I Almost Gave It Up – DJ Cuppy

You know what they say that we live to raise up others who are falling, it has been reconfirmed by DJ Cuppy, the daughter of the revered billionaire, Otedola as she recalled the journey to “Original copy”

Taking to the memory lane, Ifeoluwa Otedola revealed that how life felt for her in her 8 years in the industry.

Particularly, the “Gelato” crooner, Cuppy expressed gratitude to the “billionaire” crooner, Teni for encouraging her when she almost lost it, giving it.

Telling how her Debut EP was saved, DJ Cuppy noted that Teniola called her to motivate her when she was working on the EP, “Original Copy” as it came at the nick of time.

This is in antithesis of the fictional fact that women does not support women in the industry and as such, women are no where to be found in the spotlight.

However, having always inform her fans on the progress she is making with her EP, she found a friend and encourager in Teni to push “Original Copy” to finish.

To help her see that challenges are bound to poke their ugly head, Guardian reported that Teni vividly conveyed to DJ Cuppy that she also encountered a lot of hitches while she was working on her first project in the industry.

See DJ Cuppy’words:

“Just when I was giving up… Teni called me with the encouragement I needed. This superstar literally sat on the phone with me and heard me out. She then told me she’s been through the same thing when she was working on her first project. People didn’t believe in her. I’m not alone.”

Hmmmmm, what a friend Teni is right?

So could we say if not for Teni, the expectation of Fans from DJ Cuppy, would have been cut short, as in, a billionaire daughter would have thrown in the towel?

Confirming the insinuation of people that she has no talent?

Well, aside what people think, you sure have your opinion too.

What do you think of DJ Cuppy, her arts in the industry and the place of her father in her career?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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