Naira Marley Speaks About When and How he started making music on “Truth”

As it is in the nature of Afrobeats360 to bring you words from the Mouths of your “man” in the industry, we hereby bring you the ground-up story of one of the most controversial Nigerian Singer ever, named, Naira Marley.

Revealing where he is coming from before Stardom, the Nigerian star in an interview gave greens about how he was able to enter the industry.

Disclosing to Olisa Adibua on the “Truth” when asked how he started making music, Naira Marley said his first big shot at thousands of pounds led him straight into making music.

Quoting him inter alia, he asserted that:

“I had just made my first big money (in England). “250K (250,000 pounds).”

“I didn’t plan to, I didn’t even mean to go into the studio. My plan was people freestyling around me were so talented. My plan was to invest in them. So eventually, we went into the studio, we had so much time and they made lots of records, you know. But we had too much time on our hands, I made just one song.

“By the time we left the studio; imagine we had 10 songs, but it was my song that everybody was singing, so I was just baffled, you know. People kept forcing me to send them the song… Everyone around me already knew the lyrics. So, one day we were chilling when one of my friends with a camera told me to shoot a video (for the song) with the camera.

“We shot the video unplanned and it had like four million views in three weeks. Basically, that’s how I got into music and I can’t stop.”

Hmmmmm, like stumbled into music it seems!

Anyway, while he revealed that he has a clothing line coming soon and how Zinoleesky could be its face, Naira Marley evaded the question of Olisa when he was asked how he made the money (legal or illegally) that geared him into music.

When asked, “how you take make the 250k pounds?” and why he is always on the run in England.

The king of Marlians said that:

“I was just making money (laughs),
trouble being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

On being quizzed why he came back to Nigeria, he said:

“I came to shoot a video in Nigeria… ‘Issa Goal.’ I shot the video and I went back… The next time, I just came for like three weeks, but that was when that (EFCC) situation happened…”

Really, so it means connecting the dots, this gives a pointer that maybe, EFCC received a distress call from the UK that the Marlian King has done the”do” over there, then EFCC pounced on him and that was the beginning of the Marlian craze.

Hmmmm, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Anyway, here is the link to the full interview:

Watch and tell us what you think about the before stardom story of the “soapy” crooner.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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