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Camera! Light!! Action!!! And hey, try not to flip that ‘switch’ now that we have you here! Because today at Afrobeats360 we are beaming our spotlight on no other than the ace rapper, “Ml Abaga”. Yeah! MI Abaga is our artiste of the second week of March, 2020.

Name: Jude Lemfani Abaga
DOB: October 4 1981
Years Active: 2004- till date
Record labels: Chocolate City, Incredible music
Projects: ‘Talk About It’ (2008). ‘Illegal Music ‘(2009). ‘MI 2: The Movie’ (2010). ‘Illegal Music II’ (2012). ‘The Chairman’ (2014). ‘Illegal Music III:The finale’ (2016). ‘Rendezvous’ (2018). ‘A Study On Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl’ (2018). ‘Judah’ (2020).

MI as we all know, has been in the music industry for over a decade and is still very relevant especially in the hip-hop genre of the music industry. Apart from making a name for himself, he has also put a lot of artiste on in this industry thereby being a ladder for the upcoming generation in his sphere.
Aside being a rapper and one of the most talented with edible content in the hip hop scene within Africa, he is also a song writer, producer and a business man.

Recently, he announced his exit from Chocolate City Music and the launch of his record label Incredible Music. Following this, he dropped an EP(Judah) which has been described by many as genius.
Quoting Pulse Nigeria, Motolani Alake:
In a ridiculous career run, the legend has no average project and almost everything that a ‘Hip-Hop head’ would call ‘a moment in Nigerian Hip-Hop’ has been associated with him. As great a rapper as MI Abaga is, he is an even better – executive – producer. In this Nigeria, he is a genius at this music thing and I cannot overemphasize that.
With every song on Judah EP, anybody who knows what music is would literally see the work and thought that went into everything he did. From production to content and technique, MI Abaga has commendably improved as he gets close to 40.”

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MI Drops 10th Studio Project “Judah The EP”
Click Here for more

Well, some may argue that the self acclaimed Mr. Incredible brags a lot, but let’s not forget there’s a thin line between confidence and pride, and not all ‘show offs’ is the later. MI is no doubt an artiste with content, whilst being a master with the rhymes and this makes him a perfect fit for the name- Incredible!

At Afrobeats360, we recognize ace when we see one, without bringing sentiments or biased myths to the forefront.

With this, we heartily wish Mr Incredible incredible things as he enters a new phase in his music career.

Cheers! To more incredible works to come.

Please do well to leave your thoughts on MI as an artiste in entirety-

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  1. Soft write up ooo. First heard about M. I with his song “save” and d dude blow up
    My mind then and he still doing so till now Love M. I, as my sis will say beta ” oil dy e head”.

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