Social Media Is Not Your Friend (Simi Warns Fellow Artistes)

It is author Publilius Cyrus who said; A good reputation is more valuable than money. Perhaps this is what widely loved Simisola was doing when she gave some valuable advice on her Twitter handle @SimLySimi

In a post which looks like it was brought on by recent happenings in the industry especially among celebrities. She gave what can likened to reputation saving words.

A follow up on the tweet read, “Because I be seeing people type and post things that will blow up in their faces cause they’re carried away by the trends and the hype. These people won’t fight for you when you have nothing, fun are e ni brain she concluded in Yoruba which literally means be sensible.

You must have noticed that a lot of celebrities have been involved in what seems like social media scandals of late.
The long list including recent tweet that saw Oxlade exchanging heated words with a twitter user, and also the social media drama involving Solid Star among other dust raising social media posts recently emanating from celebrities.

It is most probably as a result of this recent happenings that Dear Simisola took it upon herself to dole out this valuable advice, serving as the proverbial prevention which you will agree is way better than cure.

Let’s not forget that Simi not too long ago, gave her voice to the Advance Fee Fraud problem bedeviling Nigerian youths, which she got claps and slaps alike from the fans, the latter coming from the “Marlians.

With this recent one which was obviously meant for her fellow artistes, we wouldn’t be wrong if we say Simi is wearing her advice-giving cap quite tightly. Making us wonder what the next valuable words from her wealth of advice will be.

Whatever the advice is going to be, it wouldn’t hurt to make good use of this valuable advice from Simi. Like that Yoruba adage says, “Obedience is better than sacrifice”.

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