Oxlade Goes Soft As He Prays For Respiratory Ailment Patients

Musical artistes just like any other are first humans before anything else, it is in this light that it isn’t surprising when their human side shines forth now and then. Fresh from Simi giving valuable advice to her fellow artistes, The latest to follow suit is new kid on the block Oxlade.


Ox as his adoring fans likes to call him took to his Twitter page @oxladeofficial posting some heartstrings pulling words offering prayers and also giving a tip on how to survive being asthmatic. In his exact words, he said;

Prayers go to every asthmatic patient out there, stay strong, make sure your inhalers are always with you.” He tagged it with #FVCKAATHSMA #OXYGENTHEPROJECT reinforcing the fact that he’s in a fight against the respiratory ailment. An indicator of this is the fact that his twitter handle @oxladeofficial is named OXYGEN.

If ever there were words that appropriately defines heart touching, surely this is it!

Fresh from a face-off on Twitter with a follower, on what many has since been termed trivial and unnecessary, this new turn around is definitely a breath of fresh air. https://afrobeats360.com/2020/03/04/oxlade-exchange-heated-words-with-follower-over-brymo/

And if there was ever a battle that can be termed worthy, one that needed firepower all-out, this shot from the Ox is definitely it!

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