MI Bids Chocolate City Goodbye To Start “Incredible Music” And TASCK

It was the end or a well watered productive relationship as MI Abaga Announces is exit from candy named record Label chocolate city.

MI which who was a signee of the record label but taken like chairman himself, left a big hole in the hearts of the label putting an end to his 13 years association with chocolate city.

Joining the label in 2007 and becoming the CEO in 2015 was obviously not enough to hold him nipped down to the label as he had a plan.

What was the plan?

To start his record label, plus one other company by the side.

In order to keep his chairman moniker and music escapades on, the Nigerian rapper announced the start of his own record label, Incredible music and TASCK, a corporate social responsibility company.

This is following his 13 years of remarkable achievements ranging from nine projects – five albums, three mix tapes and one playlist, this is aside the awards and accolades, “chairman” “the boss” , “Nigerian greatest rapper”, he got from his works under the label.

However, all that in every sense, is past to MI now as the chapter of chocolate city has been ended, now unto Incredible Music and TASCK which is already in operation to revisit the social media bill.

It’s indeed a new dawn for the Nigerian rapper.

Watch the announcement below:


It’s a new beginning for MI Abaga and Incredible music.

But, the question is, did he leave chocolate city out of good faith?

Remember, it was reported that the office of CEO in chocolate city was collected from MI and returned back to Audu Maikori after chocolate city announced its deal with the Warner Music in September 2019.

Owing to this, would you say he left chocolate city because he wants to, or because he had to?

Is Incredible Music and TASCK, just to prove a point?

To stay relevant?

Well, while you answer in the comment section, Afrobeats360 congratulates the “chairman” on his feats.

Bright M. Esagbodje

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