Oxlade Exchange Heated Words With Follower Over Brymo

Fast rising Afro beats star Oxlade seems to have woken up in an anger fit after an Ibadan based on air personality and artiste promoter referred to Super star Artiste Brymo Olawale as brand less!
In a tweet lacking any iota of courtesy the OAP who’s nicknamed Standard Presenter and goes by the handle @ItsOladeni made the tweet containing the following words;

“He no get brand. He’s a good artiste”.

It was a response to an earlier tweet from Oxlade where he expressed his wish to work with Brymo.

In and immediate response as if literally giving fire for fire, the young Afro beats artiste not able to take what seems like destructive criticism from Standard Presenter went berserk in a now deleted tweet with his own reply, dragging the OAP’s father into it. Writing in Nigeria pidgin English, he said;

“This tweet for make more sense if I ask for your Papa opinion”.

The exchange between Presenter and Artiste immediately drew reactions from Oxlade’s followers. While many cheered him on, others weren’t so kind. One irate follower referred to him as stupid and childish! Another scolded him for involving Oladeni’s father.

One question, just like in that Fire Boy DML song, Sing, featuring Oxlade, should he stick to singing and get a social media manager to do the back and forth with the fans, especially with fans like Standard Presenter? Or should he keep giving it back, fire for fire all by himself? Who do you think is in the wrong here, Standard Presenter or our newest kid on the block Oxlade?

Do leave your thoughts in the comments section, please 🙏

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