“I Worked Hard to Fend for My Mom When My Father and Brother died” – Rema shares His story to Stardom

As expected from every artiste, especially in the Music Industry where they have to share their story and the many “behind the scenes” in order to dispel rumours.

Next on the line of artiste who has taken up the challenge to spill the truth about himself, family, career as a singer, etc is the fast-rising singer, Divine Ikubo popularly called, Rema.

Very recently, the Nigerian Singer sat on the sit of an interviewee on Capital extra whilst host Manny Norte quizzed him about all that is to his stupendous muchness as an artiste.

Rema who didn’t fail to amaze his interviewer, Manny Norte, gave a lot of ‘Ah-ah’ moments when revealing facts about himself confidently and with so much wit.

When quizzed on why he chose the path of music, the “Beamer” crooner whose exponential growth in the industry is evident due to his never-heard-before songs, said:

“I like to explore. I don’t like going into the studio with this sense of giving the people what they expect. I just want to explore my spirituality and sound as a whole.

“I tend to mix a whole bunch of cultures into one sound to make it have an impact in multiple zones across the world… I want to make the whole world dance. I’m not just doing it for Africa, I’m taking Africa along with me and sharing it to the world. Sometimes, people say I don’t sound ‘Afrobeats,’ but it has a taste of afrobeats in word, beat or flow…”

Hmmm, confident indeed!

Going forward, Manny questioned Rema to know what is and what is not about his two hotlisted singles “Beamer” and “Rainbow”.

Before that, as revealed by the Mavin artiste , did you know that Rema’s song Dumebi” was just a freestyle on a beat that was termed not good enough?

Well, Now you know.

“Dumebi” was a Freestyle.

This might be unbelievable due to the fact that Rema blew the minds of many in 2019, however here is the story according to Rema.

In 2018 the beat of “Dumebi” produced by Ozedikus was blacklisted by so many artiste as not good enough not until the producer gave the beat to Rema in good faith to see if he could vibe on the song, yes vibe, because Rema did not write down anything when making “Dumebi”, he only VIBED.

A day into another, Boom!, “Dumebi” was done to dulcet you, following the leading of Marvin/Jonzing boss, D’Prince.

So “Dumebi” was actually a Freestyle.

Surprised? yea, surprised too!

On to his new singles “Beamer” and “Rainbow” , Rema having met Rvssian in California, the Jamaican producer took him into his studio and then according to Rema:

“He’s (Rvssian is) a great guy, I was confused because he had some many beats… We made two songs that day, but I made ‘Beamer’ last. I spent a lot of hours and even Rvssian left, ”

On making ‘Rainbow,’ Rema says, “I made ‘Why’ that day – shout-out to Divvy the producer. ‘Why’ is a song about heartbreak. It made me really sad that day, so I asked Divvy to give me something upbeat to get excited by. So, I started making something about fast cars, girls and cool kid-stuff. I liked it and D’Prince and I started bumping to it.”

Hmmmm, Seem like all is songs are unplanned right?


The interview which brought a lot of ecstasy, also had a straight face moment, it all began when the Nigerian Ninja, revealed that he lost his father and brother at a tender age that he had to fend for his mother taking up a job on a beach at 17.

“I had to work hard because I lost my brother and my dad… I had to work hard.” During the chat, Rema says hard work got him in shape and that he never goes to the gym. Rema also called his mother a, “great mom.” said Rema.

From there, he made a freestyle to D’Prince’s ‘Gucci Gang’ and he came on MAVIN/Jonzing’s radar. Things have not been the same since.


Sweet story it is right?

Watch full interview here:

For someone who had to struggle, working so hard to get himself up for recognition, should you be surprised at his speedy growth in the industry.

Don’t you think, soonest Rema will be on the list of awardees on respect-full award platforms?

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

Mathias Bright is a serial professional with content creation as his core. He is a reporter with Bond FM and the founder of a media brokerage organization called, B&B MEDIA WORLD.

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  1. Wooow! These words from Rema just made me love him more. Guy’s not just talented but intelligent too

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