Davido Is Married To A Togolese Woman – Journalist Kemi Reveals

Davido is married

Picture of Davido , said togolese wife and daughter, Hailey.

In less than 24 hours that Davido released his mushy video for “1 Milli” which had him and his fiancee chioma playing a mock wedding of their real wedding that will perhaps happen anytime soon, critics have started pocking their heads against his relationship with Chioma.

Leading the critics recently is Kemi Olunloyo.

Taking you back to memory lane, you will recall that Nigerian Investigative journlaist had once disputed the possibility of Davido and Chioma ending up together by unearthing some fictional facts.

picture of said wife

Recently, the daugther of former Oyo state governor, Kemi Olulonyo has yet again proved in a photo on instagram and twitter than singer Davido has a togolese-American legally married wife, for that reason, he can never marry chioma.

As in, Davido is married

The photo which has the said Togolese wife, Hermadine and supposed daughter Hailey is said to be a confirmation of the fact that Davido is married and will not get married again except the Togolese wife agrees to a divorce.

picture of Davido's post that has Kemi's controversial revelation
the controversial Kemi Olunloyo

According to the controversial Kemi, the name of the foreign wife is Hermadine A. Samlan Adeleke.

Revealing more, she said that Hermadine’s refusal to divorce Davido is the sole reason why he has not been able to get married to Chioma till now, even after one baby and babies possibly, of which, according to Kemi will be Chioma’s inheritance after Davido dies.


This is serious.

following the words of the Kemi Oluloyo, Davido who is known to always clamp down on anybody who dares to come down on him have been MIA just as he went with the saga of the lady that likened his head to an emoji on twitter recently.

Chioma and Davido kissing

But really, if this is not true, why is going down the aisle so difficult to do for Davido?

When is Chioma finally going be a real wife?

Is this “audio” wife thingy not enough already?

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