Teni To Drop A New Album After Dropping Another Single

Teni To Drop New Album After dropping single.

Teni To Drop New Album After dropping single.

It’s the third month in 2020 and it’s as if Nigerian artistes are not ready to rest on their laurel as we see stars drop singles, EPs, albums a “minute” after they dropped the previous.

No little wonder, Teni the entertainer has revealed that she will drop a new album after releasing another single.

Remember, it’s less than 3 weeks the artiste dropped “Marry” which is making wave, but Teni has indirectly conveyed that all other works of hers is past, she is Heading for the future with a new song and of course an album.

Teni plunges into her 2020 plan and all about her career in Rubbin Mind show with Ebuka on Channels TV.

Speaking in an interview with Ebuka-Uchendu on the show Rubbin Minds, on channels TV, the Nigerian euphonious entertainer unmasked her plan for 2020 when asked by Ebuka, saying the said album will be dropped soon.

So it means a new song, a new album from Teni.

However, speaking on the grounds “Marry” has broken, she revealed thus:

“That song was repeated for my show in the UK. My friend was going to propose to his fiancee. So my team and I asked what can we do to make that moment special? I wrote the song ‘Marry’ especially for that.”

Hmmmmm, this spells hard work, a lot of it.

Teni To Drop New Album After dropping single.

Did the interview end without speaking on her record label, Dr. Color Entertainment which gave her the ground to grow from a newbie in the Music Industry to a sought-after pro singer? NO!

She spoke about the owner of the label, Nosa Osadolo Asemota extolling his believe in her, parading facts on how she started her career in the label.

She said:

, “He’s just a guy who likes music. I saw hunger, he was ready to push and I just wanted to start with somebody and not go to a place that already had… I wanted somebody that believed in my dreams – most importantly. That’s what I did.”

Teni To Drop A New Album After Dropping Another Single

Calling her label boss her friend and that they have a great relationship, she admonished upcoming artists saying:

” being an independent artist or signed artist to a label should depend on a number of factors, suggesting that an artist can seek an investor if he wants funding and could seek a label if he feels he need structure.”

The Nigerian artiste giving a titbit on why 2019 was a Teni-filled year in the industry, asserted to the host of the show, Ebuka that:

“I just wanted to make good music. I just wanted to make sure that if I will drop music, it is music that has music and music that will be remembered on years to come and will still have meaning.”

Hmmm that’s quite thoughtful if we may say.

Watch full interview below:

Teni To Drop New Album After dropping single

So it symbolizes that Teni wants to continue with the trend she started with in 2019, dropping music that has music, of which we have seen with“Marry” her first single in 2020.

As it stands now, what should be the expectation level for Teni’s incoming single and album?

High right?

After all it’s Teni the Entertainer and her antecedents speaks volumes, right?


While you are expectant of the unnamed album and single, type in your fantasies about it in the comment section.

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