Simi Used To Be A Virgin Before marriage – Simi’s Mum Reveals

simi and her mother curling up

Simi’s mum reveals simi was a virgin in stoopid session’s first episode

Who would have thought that there is a negation to the thoughts of many that the entertainment industry is the source of moral depravity in the society, who would have thought that Simi was a virgin before she got married to the love of her life, Adekunle God ?

Well, the mother of the singer has something to say, answering the questions.

Simi’s mom has revealed that she used to brag about her daughters Virginity in her local church to make herself feel good as it is with mothers in society like Nigeria that holds the tradition of chastity to high esteem.

Unmasking the “under” story of her daughter in one of the yet to be published episode of Simi’s Stoopid session, the mother conveyed that she knew that her daughter was going to marry as a virgin, hence, took pride in that.

“Even in my church, I used to tell people that my daughter is a virgin o, that she is going to marry as a virgin,” Simi’s mother said, to her daughter’s surprise.


Was that necessary?


simi in a beautiful yellow attire

Anyway, this obviously burst the bubbles of the euphonious singer as she expressed her surprise at her mothers words in a video she shared on her Instagram handle.

The video is a minute clip from her Stoopid session programme which will soon be launched on YouTube, of which, will have the singer and her friends discussion varying topics in relation to Virginity topic spoken about by Simi’s mum.

Watch video below:


This met a shocked Simi.

The mother as seen, nods to the fact that she is saying the truth about the singer, no little wonder, Adekunle Gold is always everywhere she goes.

Should you be surprised?

Simi and husband, Adekunle Gold kissing

Sweet untouched “Under”.

But seriously enough, if not for this Stoopid session episode unmasked before the launch, who would have thought a Nigerian singer could be a virgin in a somewhat virgin less industry as the entertainment?

Who would have thought that Simi was a virgin?

What happened to you have to sleep with sponsors, record label bosses, directors and even producers before you blow in simi’s case?

Who would have thought?

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