Twitter Rages As Man slams Nigerian Artistes For Objectifying Women

photo of @mrdutchempire who slams artistes for disrespecting women

The aphorism that another man’s food is another man’s poison has come to play as a resident of Twitter called out artistes to stop objectifying women in their songs in a bid to sound “woke” and interesting to their fans.

Pointing fingers to Nigerian artistes that they are notorious at disrespecting women in their songs, the man knowns as @mrdutchempire urged them to stop before its too late.


Taking a cue from the songs churned out in the industry, the asserted that bringing down women lyrically is disrespectful and condescending for women because they are awesome creatures.

photo of @mrdutchempire who slams artistes for disrespecting women

Taking to his Twitter handle and putting a name to his case, @mrdutchempire noted one of the songs of the Nigerian rapper, Olamide, titled “Wonma”as depicting women to be nothing whatsoever.

Putting a full stop to his clamor, he called on all music artiste to stop objectifying women, calling them bitches and hoes, stopping all forms of sexual objectification of women in their songs, instead, they should glorify their beauty.

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As usual Twitter rose from its slumber as reactions of different shade were being pinged under the slam of @mrdutchempire.

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@mrdutchempire who slams artistes for disrespecting women giving a wide grin


As much as this man might be saying the truth, lets be sincere, would the Nigerian music industry remain the same without women at the center of their songs?

Who most artiste in the industry be relevant again if it be so?

What would even become of the “street” who love it when women dismantled lyrically and in Videos?

Is it even possible to stop the objectification?

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Bright M. Esagbodje

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