SolidStar In A Face-Off Battle With His Former Record Label Boss Ossy Achievas

SolidStar In A Face-Off Battle With His Former Record Label Boss Ossy Achievas

2020 has been looking like another year of controversies especially between record labels and their former artistes

With the case of Peruzzi and his former boss King Patrick which involved Davido and Chioma already dying down.

We now have another brewing up between Solidstar and his his former boss Ossy Achievas.

Solidstar and former boss

The drama started when the singer called out his former boss on social media. He accused the boss for cheating him and refusing to pay royalties made from his music for over 10 years.

According to him: “Ve been nothing but good to you and ur family from day 1, but you want to see me sad, the table will turn at the end @ossyachievas .

In response, Ossy Achievas also took to his instagram page to defend himself stating that he owes the singer nothing, he went further to reveal some of their contract deals, saying he is yet to recoup on his investment over the past 10 years.

He wrote:  Mr Joshua Iniyezo Solidstar, I know you missed me so much… my Midas touch on your career I discovered you in 2007 and you lived with me for 2 years without
a contract…your welfare was my responsibility,in 2009 you signed your first pro contract…in 2014 you signed another contract that expired in 2017… We parted ways peacefully… Now let’s figure out who is owing the other 1. I invested over 100m in 10Years and your whole bookings for 10Years didn’t generate 10% of the invested amount.
2. The car you got from ACHIEVAS on higher purchase for 15m…we deducted a little above 2m and I learnt you’ve sold the car without completing payment… it’s a criminal offense and we can decide to take actions. You are like a house I built and I won’t want to bring it down but threat to my life I won’t take likely…. any more pimm I go change am….. Please if you love him and you are close to him closely…I think he is suffering serious depression and Amnesia of the brain.

However, this did not really go down well with Shaba boss who decided to set the record straight.

In particular, the singer revealed that he made over 100 million for the record label. Further,he listed out some of his hit tunes over the years which were all released under Achievas Music clearly stating he has made over N200 million for the company.

in his words:  I can proudly say I made more than 200 million for my former company throughout the years I spent, from shows alone every year 50 million is a must, Oluchi ft flabour, Wait ft Pato and Tiwa, My Body ft Timaya, Wait ft Davido, Skibo, One In a Million ft 2baba, Nwa baby ft 2baba, Baby Jollof ft Tiwa, Negotiate, good woman, Emergency and many more gross more than 100 million streams on Digital stores
and other platforms, 2 albums was produced, the gest videos was shot by Clearance, Aje films, and Adasa, and none of these directors charge up to 2 million as that then, promo was cheap, and none of these songs got international recognition because they were very good songs. I was always persuaded renewing the contracts even to the last one i declined. I just had to clear this 100 million lamba!

SolidStar Post

Another record label saga and it seems the duel is just getting started as we await for the reply of Achievas boss on this.

Remember, Solidstar was signed to Achievas Music for the past 10 years and parted ways with the company in 2019.

However, this is a big surprise to many fans who thought it was a smooth transition from Achievas Music to Shaba Entertainment.

We will love to know your opinion concerning this, please use the comment section!!
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