I shouldn’t Have Said I Will Bring Home The Grammy-9ice

We all know and we don’t doubt that “Ancestor” popularly known as “9ice” has got street credibility even before the release of the song ‘street credibility’ on which he featured legendary “2face”. But as to whether or not he will ever bring home the Grammy awards, which he promised fans by using it as lyrics of this same song ( don’t doubt me I go bring home Grammy ….), Well I guess only time will tell as fans of the Gongo-aso” crooner keep reminding him of this promise at any opportunity they have to talk with him.

Sometime in February, 9ice dropped a new single titled “Ayepogan” and has been touring radio stations to promote this new song. Chatting with hosts of the mid-day Oasis on coolfm Lagos “Do2dtun” and “Kemi smallz”, he said that he shouldn’t have added that lyrics( don’t doubt me I go bring home Grammy) to the song because fans always keep asking him when he is going to fulfill his promise and clear their doubts? Immediately the phone lines were open for fans to call into the station so they can speak with 9ice, most of them still asked him this same question. (Omo make una still free Egbon 9ice na!! He was just being optimistic.)

9ice kemismallz and Dotun

Do well to check-out this new single “Ayepogan” which literally means “life is plenty” and tell us what you think about it in the comment section.

We here at aftobeats360.com feel that life and time is still very plenty for 9ice to still bring home the Grammy as promised especially with the ” afrobeats to the world” movement that the industry is consciously and unconsciously pushing. Who knows “Ayepogan” can be the song to give him the Grammy. Tell us what you think via the coomment section.

5 thoughts

  1. Street credibility was dope back then and I even still listen to it once in a while now. Does not matter that you didn’t bring home grammy, it’s not a sin to be ambitious or optimistic

  2. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂… Person nor fit dey optimistic in peace againnnn??? Fans be putting too much pressure on the man.

  3. Well d song was not bad. Bt for 9ice to use this to get d Grammy is a long shot oo. Bt as d say only time will tell, so I which baba 9ice success and wonderful inspiration for great songs.

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