Simi’s Stoopid Sessions Set To Debut On Her Youtube Channel

The word “Stoopid“in itself piques your interest from the get go, making you wonder, why stoopid? It sure sound a whole lot like stupid!!

Well, Simisola is definitely at it again, and this time it’s not necessarily music, more like in shape of a Talk show. Except it’s not necessarily on Television, at least not yet. The talk show named “Stoopid Sessions” for reasons best known to Simisola, borders mainly on a lot of issues affecting men and women in our current reality. It treats all the topics ranging from sex and perhaps religion you just name it! It’s basically a show bringing to light the everyday life issues we deal with as adults in contemporary times. So what Stoopid Sessions does is direct this issues from a point of view of those it directly affects.

Snippets of the show currently on her Twitter handle @SimpLySimi and on her youtube channel shows that the show isn’t just educative and informative, but it’s totally hilarious! Simi and her crew are definitely funny! Well, I definitely think so, I think you will too.

Cutting what’s beginning to look like a long story short, let’s get to the nitty gritty, let’s do what we’re here for. Anyways, Simi announced via her Twitter handle that Stoopid Sessions will be premiering on her Youtube Channel from the 5th of March imploring her theming fans to subscriber they’re yet to, and of course trust the fans, they were so elated! Even some seemingly bitter “Yahoo Boy fan” jumped on the thread, asking if Yahoo boys can subscribe too.

Well, we’re definitely waiting for this one, yes, WE ARE! Yours truly is a humongous Simi fan too.
So what’s left for us all to do is head over to Simi’s channel with our pillows and our Mats, camping over there, waiting to be served some stoopid dishes. Like the current lingo on the street, This one will be mad o! Sorry, Stoopid o!

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