Throwback Thursday: Adonai By Sarkodie

Artistes: Sarkodie FT Castro
Released: 2014
Genre: Hip Hop and Rap
Label: Sarkcess Music
Length: 4:48
Verse: 3
Album: Sarkology
Producer: Ghana’s Street Beat

There’s something about Ghanaian raps that make one just go with the flow. Something inexplicable that makes one love the song all the way, with or without an understanding of what is being said.


The rapper, Sarkodie is definitely one of the tops in his field, who knows how to carry listeners into the heart of the beat, regardless of him doing his thing in his very own language. This further makes one appreciate the beauty of language well blended in ‘good music’.

Speaking about good music which is relative to individuals, the song Adonai released in 2014 was one that thrived within and beyond the shores of Ghana.

Regardless of the fact that majority of the words used in the song weren’t in English, one could still flow with the beat and relate with what the song was about.

According to the rapper, Sarkodie, the song Adonai was his biggest hit.

Let’s Take A Deeper Dive
Adonai is a Hebrew word that means Lord. (One of the many names of God).
The song, a mixture of hip hop and rap genre of music and the languages used were a combination of Twi and broken English which is also called Pidgin.


A song with three verses, two of them being rapped by Sarkodie whilst Castro did his thing in the verse following.
The song begins with a short beat and one of those triggering intro by Sarkodie that leaves one in a ‘feel good mood’ on what is to come.

Giving thanks and praises to the Almighty no doubt can be done in multiple beautiful ways, however, Sarkodie and Castro dedicated this song to God, as their own way of giving thanks to Him.

Aside for little lapses here and there in terms of sound and transitions, the song is a yes! yes!
With beats and instrumentals on point, the lyrics also contained nice rhymes in both inspirational and motivational ways.

Perhaps, because of the video setting in a church and the lyrics centered on praises to God, many considered it to be a gospel song whilst some felt it was simply hip hop with inspirational content, either ways, it was/is worth the listen!

It’s almost the end of February, 2020:
A perfect time to give praises to our maker for the journey thus far and the ones ahead.
A perfect time to do a little reflections
A perfect time to blend those reflections with throwback jamz in gratitude for all thus far.

And the song ‘Adonai’ won’t be a bad pick, would it?

In the spirit of gratitude, we say:
Cheers! To Life

Annie Cruz

Author: Annie Cruz

A die hard fan of Burna Boy & Wizkid, Anita Oronsaye a.k.a Annie Cruz is a lover of afro-fusion and just anything that defines great music!

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