Twitter Rages As Adekunle Gold Tutors On Raising the Male Child

It is no more news that the Entertainment industry is not only filled with musicians, actors, producers, directors and the likes, as we have seen in recent time many figures in the industry taking on motivators, preachers, counselors of some sort to beam light on somewhat unclear issues in the society.

Taking on the portfolio of a counselor is High life singer, Adekunle Gold who took it upon himself to enlighten parents on what is and what is not about raising a child.

Saying proper parenting is key to raising a great child, the Songwriter trashed the unfair and uniformed parenting tactics of some parents in the society.


Counselor “Aye” Lol

According to the singer, the thoughts that “boys will be boys” of some parents is wrong, appealing to them to give equal attention they give to their female children to their male.

Bemoaning stereotyping and discrimination between male and female children, Adekunle Gold called on parents to take full responsibility for the activities of their male child and otherwise will be counted as lazy parenting.

@adekunleGOLD ”Boys will be boys” is a lazy parenting strategy. If you have a child, you have a responsibility to raise them properly,” he wrote.

As usual, Twitter Nigeria had a gush of reactions, some upholding the words of the star, others questioning it.

See some:


Seeing all these, What do you think of Adekunle Gold? Because the artists has been on with a lot about gender and its paraphernalia lately.

If you remember, the “Jore” crooner once called on Nigerians to give utter support to rape victims, saying every hand must be on deck to protect women against rapist in the society.

Aren’t these very thoughtful of him?

Don’t you perceive that his thought line recently might be a draw-out from his works in the studio that he is yet to reveal to us.

Abi, Adekunle Gold has scored a goal, about to be a father, Simi taken in?

Hmmmmmm, you wanna answer? Oya comment section.


For his counseling personality, he is building up attention on social media already, let’s see how this goes.

Apperrantly, there is more.

Wait for it.

Bright M. Esagbodje

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