Wizkid’s Most Cherished Achievements In the Industry You Should Know

Following the recognition of Wizkid to have creatively contributed to the global acceptance of Beyonce’s “Gift” Album via the song “Brown skill girl” , a lot of amazement has been on, as to the fact that, he is the only and first Nigerian Singer to have won the NAACP Image Award.

This which makes it believable that indeed a lot of people do not know that Wizkid has earned himself the accolades of being the first Nigerian/African Artiste to have been nominated or won one thing or the other in the Music Industry.

In case you don’t know the Nigerian Singer, is not just called “Star boy” out of nothingness, he is called “Star boy” because he is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of the global respect the Nigerian music industry is enjoying now.

Making Nigeria proud through his sold out international concerts, getting nominations for international awards and winning them, he has and still contributing to the changing status quo of the industry.

Therefore, it will be right to get you wielded with the some information regarding the achievements of Wizkid, for you to better appreciates the effort of the music legend to be, plus appreciate the Nigerian industry too.

Here are some of the shocking achievements of Wizkid.

Youngest African Artiste To Get Grammy Nomination

I bet this rings a bell.

Wizkid in the African entertainment industry was once recognized as the youngest African Artiste to have been nominated by the almighty Grammy Award.

This is due to his collaboration with Drake in his album in 2016 which generated a lot of views credited to his name.

First Nigerian Singer To Have Won Three Billboard Music Awards

In case you didn’t know, Wizkid is the first artist in Nigeria to have unusually carted way award 1, award 2 and award 3 of different categories in Billboard Music Award.

This is also due to his hit collabo on “one dance” with Drake and Kyla in 2018 which puts him on top of every other Nigerian artist then.

First Afro-pop Artiste To Be On Guinness World Book Of Records

As it might amaze you, Wizkid is the first Afro-pop artiste to have been penned down in the Guinness world book of records.

Again, this is consequent of his creative artistic contribution to Drakes “One dance” which wasn’t just a smash hit but topped many music Charts globally.

In truism, the “one dance” isn’t to be credited to Wizkid because it is not his single but he has songwriting credit for the song which according to. Guinness book of records is worthy of recognition as it became the most played song with over 1 billion stream on Spotify.

First Nigerian Artiste With The Most Award Nominations In Nigeria

Although he didn’t win all the categories he was/is nominated for across different awards globally, it is still notable to have been nominated for these awards above other Nigerian artiste.

Aside the recents, As of 2017, Wizkid has been nominated for over 154 Awards, of which, he won 43 of the categories in different awards.

This is excluding the recent nominations and wins of the artiste.

First African Pop Artist To Have Sold-out Popular Royal Albert Hall IN London

We have heard Musician selling out their concerts but the question is where was the concert held? Was it held in the most revered Royal Albert Hall in London?

I guess not!

To bring to your notice, Wizkid is the first artiste to have performed and sold-out London’s most iconic venue, Royal Albert Hall.

To join the league of Adele, Beatle and Elton, Nigerian/African Pop-star sold out the hall in 72 hours and on top of that left an indelible print in the history of concerts with his firebrand performance to his fans.

First And Only Nigerian Artiste To Top And Maintain ITunes World Chart Record For Over One Week

In recognition of his presence in Drake’s “One Dance”, Wizkid broke ITunes bar by being the only Nigerian artiste to have made the number one spot and also maintained it for over one week due to how unstoppable his presence made the jam.

FIrst African Artiste To Bag Seven Billboards Nomination

Adding to his global accolades was Wizkid topping the Billboards Nomination by being the first African Artiste to bag Seven Billboards Nomination.

He bagged nomination for Top Hot 100 Songs, Top Selling song, Top Radio song, Top streaming audio song, Top collaboration, Top R&B song and Top R&B collaboration.

This is according to Africa ranking in the 2017 Billboard Music Awards which was aired on May 21st.

First Nigerian Artiste to have won NAACP Image Award

As you must have known, Wizkid bagged the 2020 edition of the NAACP award following his irresistible collaboration with the American Award winning singer, Beyonce on the song “Brown Skin Girl”.

Alongside Beyonce, he carted away the image award for the outstanding duo and group of collaboration category of the 51st NAACP image award.

Glaringly, there is more about Wizkid, however, these are some of his most cherished achievement of his star-ing days in the music industry.

From the look of things, It goes without saying that star boy might have “kid” attached to his stage moniker but he is indeed a “man” fronting some of the cravings of the rest of “them” in the industry.

Does he not deserve some accolades?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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