You Stole From Fela – Eedris to Burna Boy.

Veteran Nigerian musician, Eedris Abdulkareem, in an interview with TVC Entertainment, has disagreed with Burna Boy’s controversial claim that nobody paved the way for him in the industry.

He said Fela deserved an apology from Burna who as everyone knows, samples a lot of Fela’s songs.

“I think with due respect Burna Boy needs to apologise. At least Fela made it happen for you and you stole a lot of Fela’s songs to become who you are and you stole from afro beats to become who you are, even though Fela’s songs are strictly about messages that add value to the lives of people, what is your song all about?”

When further pressed, Eedris admitted that if Burna Boy pays respect to Fela, then he may not be so far from the truth, but Eedris insisted veteran musicians like himself, Weird M.C, Zaki, Daddy Showkey, among others made it happen for new age acts like Burna Boy, by existing and making it in times that were more difficult.

Eedris recounts fighting against the inequality existing between Nigerian music and foreign music when he refused to give up his business class seat on a plane for 50 cent, as he refused to believe a foreign musician was better than him just because he was foreign.

He ended by admonishing Burna Boy to take it easy and not deny that people who came before him paved that way and made it easier for Nigerian musicians today.

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