Rema Drops “Beamer” And “Rainbow” As Against A(1) Single Promised By Mavin Record Label

Just few days after Mavin revealed that Rema will be dropping one new single after bringing down the roof at NBA weekend party in Chicago, the Budding Nigerian artist has dropped two songs to tell that he is nothing short of ready to take the music industry on a sweet ride.

2 singles? That’s against the one folks are expecting.

Anyway, the title of the songs are “Rainbow” and “Beamer”

Hmmmm, sounds beautiful already.

This must have demanded high creativity from the Budding star as the song “Rainbow” is a vivid representation of sonic pallette.

Being of cloud rap genre, the song is produced by London while the video was given appealing shots by TBA to meet the bang Jonzing record label promised us from the artiste.

For “Beamer”, the song is da bomb as Rema curried the music dexterity of Rvssian to beat dullness.

Beam the first song of Rema in 2020, the artiste didn’t come in with just any kind of song, to make sure his name are on the lips of party goers, “Beamer” took the dancehall genre.

The title of the song which took the rider,, Bad Boys, was produced by Rvssian himself while TBA did his thing directing the video of the song.

It’s obvious that the Mavin label didn’t just bring Rvssian on board, the dance hall magic of his was Ultimately needed to accompany the charming artist, Rema.

Rainbow“, “Beamer” are undoubtedly a beam of light on the artiste in our music scene, each of the songs are unique in themselves but Beamer might likely be the in-thing to gear the recognition his record label seeks for Rema.

But trust Afrobeats360 when we tell you that nevertheless that the song is a step out of Afrobeats, they are both a bang which we believe, will begin a new phase for Rema in the west.

Wanna confirm.

See links below

Listen to Rainbow by clicking the link below

Watch “Beamer” here

Listen, dance and type a word of welcome-to-stardom to Rema in the comment section.

Bright M. Esagbodje

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